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Trip to the Alps begins with "Alpin".

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Upon debarkation from "Alpin" your adventure begins towards the Alps and Alpine Pastures (Bjeshke) of Albania.
-  The wonderful valley of Valbona which actually shows the way to Valbona is the mostly known choice of tourist, but not the only one.
-  Nikaj Mërtur area is a rare natural beauty and it is from there that the Alpine pastures (Bjeshkë) of Currajt të Epërm (Upper Currajt) may be reached.
-  Cerem Valley is a unique experience which takes you to the Alpine pastures (Bjeshkë) of Tropoja.
-  The entire area of Tropoja is surrounded by mountains peaks higher than 2000 m altitude withcalcareous steeps which make the experience of ski professionals and amateurs a fantastic one.
-  The Alps are the proper place for those who are interested in hunting. It is because of the large variety of wild animals and birds that while leaving you will keep turning your head wishing to return. Maybe you will hunt the grizzly bear, a rare and giant species.
-  For those who are passionate about speleology will find the Alps area, especially Nikaj-Mërtur to be a treasury. Some of the discovered caves are included in the map of the tourist agencies.
-  The Alps area is amazing for youth excursions during summer and winter as they become unforgettable experiences.

"Alpin" invites you to feel yourself a fairy or valiant of the mountains!